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All athletes must have the following forms on file with the Dakota Valley Activities Office before they will be allowed to participate. You must complete the registration process for each participant.

  • Eligibility, Emergency, & Insurance Forms
  • Physical Information & Form
  • Concussion Form 


You can begin the registration process and complete all the forms even if you have not had your physical yet. You will be able to return to the registration page and submit the physical when you have the completed form.  Please do not enter the physical date unless you are uploading a physical form.  The date will need to be filled in when the physical form is uploaded.  Remember to sign and date the physical.  If you are not able to scan (or take a picture) of your physical, drop it off in either the high school or middle school office. We will scan and upload it to your FAMILY ACCOUNT. You will create your FAMILY ACCOUNT during the initial registration process.  To create the account, you will be asked to submit a username and password.  Creating a FAMILY ACCOUNT will give you access to your account information. There is a LOGIN button at the bottom of the page to access your account. Please remember your username and password.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  During the registration process you will be asked to select the activity the student will be participating. You can only select one activity each time you access the registration. You cannot select multiple activities.  The program setup will not allow it at this time.  In order to register for multiple activities (i.e. cross country and track), you will need to just select one during the first registration.  After you have completed the entire registration process and have created your FAMILY ACCOUNT, you may go back in and select another activity.  Most of the fields will pre-populate, but some you will have to enter again.  This is the only way to register for multiple activities.  It is not necessary to register for all activities for the entire year at this time.  Using your username and password, you can LOGIN to your FAMILY ACCOUNT at any time and register for an activity. 


... Go to the pulldown menu titled "REGISTRATION" at the top of this page

For more information about these or any forms required please contact the Dakota Valley Activities Office at 605-422-3820.